Selmer / Alto / Jubilee II , GG / 셀마 알토 색소폰, 쥬빌리 II
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품명/모델명 Selmer / Alto / Jubilee II , GG / 셀마 알토 색소폰, 쥬빌리 II
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색상/재질/크기/구성 제품 상세설명 참조 A/S 책임자와 전화번호 02-3672-6000 / 중앙악기
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Selmer E-flat Alto Saxophone
Super Action 80 Series II

Jubilee II, Gold Lacquer Engraved (GG)

Key: E-flat
Range: high F sharp
Thumb rest: adjustable, in plastic
Blue steel needle spring
Leather pads, metal booster

The "Super Action 80 Series II" alto is without doubt the world's most popular professional alto saxophone. Its very open, harmonically rich sound and excellent projective power make it a particularly versatile instrument.
In classic and jazz, its sound power and wide dynamic range make it the instrument of choice, ideal in the Quartet as well as in larger groups or concert bands. The extremely well-balanced mechanism offers great precision in playing.

Selmer Paris saxophones : a professional range

Foundation of the SELMER Paris range, this series is to date the most complete, offering the entire saxophone family (from the Sopranino saxophone in E flat, to the Bass saxophone in B flat) in a large array of finishes.
It has acquired a thoroughly well deserved and hard-earned reputation with musicians across the world : prestigious masters from the classical, jazz and pop worlds have brought it high acclaim over the years.
It knows an ever-renewed success thanks to the improvements regularly brought to it.

What is Jubilee?
Jubilee models are a refresh on the Super Action 80 family of saxophones featuring many new design changes to Selmer Super Action 80 Series II & III Saxophones. The Reference models are unchanged. These changes are more physical cosmetic changes that bring elegance to the top saxophones in the world. These "Jubilee" models now officially replace the previous Series II & Series III models (effective January 2011).


Saxophone Specifications


Series II


Series II body style-full sound


Series II bore

Optional necks (varies by instrument type)*

Gold brass, Silver-plated, Gold-plated


High F# key


Full ribs – durable


Yellow brass


Compact key positioning - closer to the body and
directly under the hand

Front F key


Left-hand thumb rest


Right-hand thumb rest

Plastic adjustable

Adjusting screws

High F, G# key, F#/G# lug, F#/G#, adjusting bar,
low C#, low B, side C, side Bb

Pivot screws


Needle springs

Blued steel


Treated leather with metal resonators


Clear lacquer

Optional finishes

Gold plate, Silver plate, Black lacquer, Non-engraved,
Matte lacquer with standard keys

Engraved bell



Selmer S80







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