NS DESIGN / WAV 4-String Violin / 전자 바이올린
판매가격 : 1,200,000
적립금 :6,000
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품명/모델명 NS DESIGN / WAV 4-String Violin / 전자 바이올린
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2010-09-14 제조자/수입자 NS DESIGN / 중앙악기
색상/재질/크기/구성 제품 상세설명 참조 A/S 책임자와 전화번호 02-3672-6000 / 중앙악기
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WAV-Series electric violin

The NS WAV Violin is the perfect electric violin for any player interested in exploring the world of amplified or electronic performance. Full, natural tone, outstanding comfort, and sophisticated design are combined in an instrument which is simply a pleasure to play.

• Polar™ Pickup System
Great natural sound, with volume and tone controls.

• Ebony Fingerboard
Shaped for effortless play.

• Maple Neck and body
For rich tone and Visual grace.

• Precision tuners
Accurate, rock-stable tuners rarely need adjustment.

• Light Weight
Highly carved interior for light comfort.

• Ergonomic Shoulder Rest
Stable, comfortable support is fully adjustable.

• Padded Case
Hard case accomodates two bows.
WAV-Series electric violin



NS WAV Series Electric Violin

Designed and built to deliver great sound, excellent playability, and long, dependable service, the NS WAV series electric violin provides an affordable option for the serious professional and student player.

At the heart of every NS electric violin is the Polar&trade pickup system. Sensor and bridge geometry are integrated to translate every nuance to the amplifier and speaker system. The big, bold, and brilliant tone looks to the future, yet the sonic ingredients of the acoustic violin are present and can be tamed to become traditional in character. The Polar pickup has the unique ability to analyze the direction of string vibration to enhance the bowed response and to facilitate bow technique. The unusually powerful piezo crystals do not require on-board power, for maintenance-free performance without the hassle of batteries.

The reserve power of a well set up electric violin makes the instrument easier to play than a conventional acoustic. The NS WAV Violin's rock maple bridge is easily adjustable for the playing style and action height you prefer; high and powerful like a traditional violin, low and fast like an electric guitar, or anywhere in between. The ebony fingerboard is graduated for each string to optimize the tone and playability of every note. The neck is smooth and fast, with traditional thumb reference points for the scroll and heel. The removable bout provides accurate position reference for players accustomed to using the traditional body shape for reference.

Accurate, stable tuners are the key to in-tune performance. The patented self-clamping tuning mechanism automatically grips the string ever more tightly as tension is applied, and the micrometer tuning is smooth and precise. This set-it and forget-it tuning is light-years ahead of the friction tuners found on traditional instruments.

Light weight and good balance are the essential comfort factors for any electric violin. The fully carved interior of the NS WAV Violin keeps the weight to the minimum, and the body mounted tuners bring the center of gravity back over the shoulder where it belongs. The shoulder rest is contoured and padded to provide stable support, and is fully adjustable accommodate differences in playing styles and body types.

The NS WAV violin comes complete with fabric covered hard foam case, padded on the inside, with room for 2 bows, shoulder rest, output cable, and extra gear.

NS WAV Series Electric Violin

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